Mastery of Her Business and Her Voice with Margo Lovett

When we talk about Her Journey in the speaking and author industries visibility always rises to the top. It is an important part of your strategy that allows you to consider yourself a master in your industry. Let’s be honest, for many just coming into the industry the struggle is always visible.

(Check out the audio from Margo’s episode:

Should we pay for it?
Can we overdose on visibility?
Is there a such thing as bad visibility?

The questions can be a mile long which is why I love that Margo Lovett was here to shed some light on the discussion. Going from 26 years in the corporate world to the entrepreneur journey takes strategy. She had to build Her Business and Her Voice in order to make it happen.

Some aha moments that Margo shared included:
– Conversations matter in order to build that know, like and trust factor
– Learning to tailor-make your journey is important
– Don’t sell yourself short

We all have that most important aha moment when we realize that our story and our lives are for someone else. Margo was 61 years young when she made the choice to pivot from the corporate world. That is a time when we are thinking about retirement and security. Visibility through her podcast and aligning herself with a coach allowed her transition to being a successful one.

Margo’s mic drop moment that will shift many of you is when she said that podcasting is for every industry. It will enhance you as an industry expert and people will see your passion.

(Check out the audio from Margo’s episode:

Margo Lovett is the creator /host of a podcast. Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation. Her Business features conversations with guests that support #Reinvention (becoming an author, entrepreneur, podcaster) with how-to, and inspirational information.

At age 61, following 26 years of corporate employment, Margo #reinvented becoming a podcaster. In 2017 Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation’s first show launched, and the show has led to appearing in Marketing Insiders, Influential Leaders in Marketing, The Huffington Post, WomELLE Magazine, Bodacious Women over 50. & Vercay Magazine. Margo teaches Blueprint for Building Your Podcast at her academy Podcast Academy Online Website & listen to the podcast –

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