Starting From Scratch with Benny Ng

“The voice is probably the hardest instrument to master. I mean, how can you

learn to play something that you can’t see or touch?” I thought to myself.

“Congrats on Hitting $1K, Kajabi Hero!” was the title of the email that made my Christmas Eve.

In September 2019, with the help of my mentor, Michael Elsner, I started Top Singing Secrets from scratch.

I used a platform called Kajabi to host my first offer, Singing Confidence Academy. On Christmas Eve, I made my first $1000 through Top Singing Secrets.

My first vivid memory of music is when I listened to the Lion King soundtrack for the first time.

Not long after, I was asked by the deputy principal of my school to perform that song in front of my class.

Growing up, I loved singing around the house. I wasn’t a great singer though. Singing didn’t come easily to me. I had to do a lot of research and experimentation. I studied the secrets of singing at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

“The voice is probably the hardest instrument to master. I mean, how can you learn to play something that you can’t see or touch?” I thought to myself.

So, if I could unravel the mysteries of the voice, many people would benefit from this knowledge. I eventually discovered the open throat concept. It formed the foundation of my private lessons.

Beginner singers were my favourite group of students. The AHA moments my students got whenever they made a breakthrough in singing brought me immense satisfaction.

As I gained more teaching experience, I started to plan my private lessons. I’d tailored the vocal exercises to suit my students’ progress, goals and ability level. My students started to improve dramatically.

Eventually, a pattern developed and a syllabus was formed.

In January 2019, I developed the draft for Singing Confidence Academy on a plane trip to Malaysia. It was a six-module online singing academy aimed at beginner singers.

It became the first offer of my online business – Top Singing Secrets – eight months later.

My $1K milestone followed soon after.

The mission of Top Singing Secrets is to turn closet singers into confident singers.

You’re a closet singer if you only sing in the shower, bedroom or whenever you’re alone. You’re afraid of sounding bad and embarrassed to sing in front of people.

The feeling I get when I see/hear the transformation in my students’ voice is quite rewarding.

Lessons I’ve Learned
I’ve always been a perfectionist. The most valuable lesson I learnt so far is that getting it done is better than being perfect.
You can always fine tune your offer as you go along.
Often times, you don’t know what you need to fix or how to fix it until you get started and test things as you go along.
Through trial and error, you get feedback from your audience and make improvements.

My mentor, Michael Elsner (from Master Music Licensing) instilled the mindset of serving your audience.

The more you see yourself as serving your users (instead of selling to them), the more likely they’ll compensate you financially for your products/services.

Whenever I hit a roadblock on my entrepreneurial journey, I think of ways I can give even more value to my audience.

Learn brainstorming strategies and apply them to your business. You’ll start to look beyond the obvious solutions for the problems that arise. That’s where you’ll find the creative solutions nobody has ever thought of.

As recommended by Jason R. Rich in his book, Brainstorm, here are some of my favourite brainstorming exercises/strategies:
Create a scrapbook or photo album (You can do this on Pinterest or Behance)
Collect photos and put them into albums, sorted by specific themes. Eg: create albums for pets, interior design or anything related to your industry/business.

Go through the photos whenever you need inspiration for something. If you’re a visual person, this may help you look at things from a different perspective when trying to brainstorm ideas.

Any object/photo/what’s on your desk can be used as a trigger. Extract a concept or idea from the object. Use this concept to jumpstart your brainstorming session and come up with potential solutions to your problem.

Start by coming up with the craziest ideas – whatever pops into your head. (Random words)
Using words as triggers, you can pick a few random words and somehow connect them to the concept you’re brainstorming about. Use the random words to lip otherwise unrelated ideas together. You’ll be approaching the thing you’re brainstorming about from a different angle this way.

Parting Advice
Believe in yourself. Believe in your offers.
Infuse your personality into your business and be authentic.
Even if somebody else has the exact same offers, nobody has your unique personality.

And that’s what your audience will be buying into.

Meet Benny:

I’m Benny Ng. I’m a rock vocalist, songwriter and singing teacher. I enjoy turning closet singers into confident singers. Since 2011, I’ve helped hundreds of singers sing with confidence. Singing didn’t come easily to me. I
want to help singers around the world avoid the mistakes that I made.
Holding four university degrees in music, I created Top Singing Secrets to
share what I know about singing. I’ve also released music under my band
name, Shadowary ( I enjoy singing in rock and metal styles.

Get Your Free Singing Confidence Training Package @ (


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