Demystifying the Digital Retail Space with Nicholas Hinrichsen

Learn how to embrace the digital space in 2020 and beyond!

As a graduate from Stanford Business School, Nicholas Henricksen started selling cars- ONLINE!! He was the original online car seller. He sold that business to Carvana. You know, the car vending machine people. He stayed with them for 3 years to help build the online business then stepped away to start yet another online business that was new to the online space: Online student loan refinancing. To say he loves to sell online and build an online business is an understatement!! He thrives on building online businesses that are new to the online space.

Especially today, we need to learn to adapt and discover how to do everything online. It is imperative as everything is shifting to online commerce. He says, “If you are looking to create an online business, connect with someone who has done it before or is currently building something similar to what you are doing”.

He suggests 3 things to get started in the online space:
Be consistent.
Be flexible.
Just get STARTED!!
Mistakes will happen- Use them to learn. Failure is just an opportunity to learn.

Share Ideas and interact with Nicholas at or check his profile on linked in. He loves to innovate and interact with people online.

Meet Nicholas:

This is me giving a Ted-like talk at Stanford including about my time as a Golf player on the
German National Team:

Ever since I co-founded a company called Carlypso after graduating from Stanford Business School in 2013. We went through YCombinator (same startup accelerator as Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Reddit, etc) in 2014, raised a total of $10M in venture funding by 2015, and sold the business to in 2017.

We joined Carvana pre-IPO, went public at a $2.5bn valuation, and are now worth $40bn. Carvana is the most valuable used car retailer in the U.S.

My co-founder and I stayed with Carvana for 3 years and left in June 2020 to start a digital auto loan refinancing platform. Our new business is all around helping Americans with challenged credit and doing our part to address income inequality.

Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)


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