Igniting Courage with Anne Bonney

Being courageous enough to say it and you will become courageous enough to do it.

Igniting Courage with Anne Bonney

Being courageous enough to say it and you will become courageous enough to do it.

Being courageous took on a whole new meaning this year for entrepreneurs around the globe.

Do I launch?
Do I close?
Do I market?
Do I just hope for the best?

While the answers to those questions varied greatly from person to person, there was one common thing that separated the doers from the talkers this year. COURAGE Not just the courage to dream big but the courage to attack that dream with tenacity. In this episode, I talked with Anne Bonney about the things that have made us less courageous this year and how we could ignite courage to finish the year strong.

Anne’s Nuggets:
~ Know why you’re doing it because to do anything of meaning is a little uncomfortable
~ Jump into the uncomfortable stuff
~ Determine the benefits
~ Building your courage now prepares you for what you don’t know is coming
~ Be deliberate with your networking goal
~ Determine what you stand for

There have been many times when Anne jumped into an uncomfortable moment like when she left her corporate job and moved in with her parents. Part of what makes it uncomfortable is the feeling of what will people say about what you are doing. Interestingly enough, there are more people who are inspired by your big leap than people who criticize your leap. The critics just seem to have a louder voice because we focus on them more.

Understand…there may be some ships that have to be burned when you take that leap! ~ Anne

When you have nothing to fall back on it pushes you to keep moving forward. That is part of what can ignite your courage. You battle with the option to go back or to settle in your mind. The courage you have reminds you of what you will receive when you win…not if you win.

One of your most valuable assets will show up when you have the courage to be authentically you…self-confidence. Do it with your hair, your smile, your brilliance, your energy, and even with your favorite fuzzy socks on. There is no powerful marketing like the energy that comes from you when you are happy with YOU!

This is your season to ignite some courage and take the world by storm! Are you ready?

Meet Anne:

Anne Bonney is a fun, energetic international motivational keynote speaker and trainer. She is also an authority on Change Management, best-selling author of “GET OVER IT”!, podcast host of Igniting Courage Podcast (Listen now at https://igniting-courage.buzzsprout.com/ ), and an experienced leadership workshop facilitator. After 20 years in highly successful corporate and non-profit leadership positions, Anne, now uses her experience, education, and expertise to ignite YOUR courage and empowerment skills to embrace the challenges that transition brings.

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