Happy Holiday Messages from Podcasters Worldwide!

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the hours you have been given today! ~ Altovise

Whoa…what a year!

Merry Christmas from The #SpeakEasy Podcast family!! We hope that you and your family have a safe and blessed holiday!

This special Christmas Cookies episode is one that will inspire you to finish 2020 strong. It’s all about the blu can Christmas cookies and my adventures in finding a smaller can of them in the Dollar store.

The #SpeakEasy Podcast

Thank you for all the conversations that have been started because of The #SpeakEasy Podcast. Our listeners are the best and continue to grow with us. This year we celebrated launching three powerful series (Power of Why, Mompreneurs & Boys to Men) that creating key conversations in the entrepreneurial industry. The guests delved into some hot topics that we hoped inspired you to elevate in life and business this year.

We can’t forget all the new platforms where The #SpeakEasy Podcast is attracting new listeners. MintWave Radio, Desire to Inspire Entertainment, Women to Woman App & DFW Den Radio. Collaborations with others in the media industry like these platforms have added traction to our mission of empowering people around the world. Can you believe that we have been on the airways for almost four years now? Oh, and it is not over. Be on the lookout for even more great conversations that matter.

I can’t forget to share with you my Christmas Cookies story that is sure to give you a great holiday laugh. Listen in and leave a review on your love, or hate, of Christmas cookies.

Meet Altovise:

Altovise Pelzer unmutes the voice of women who are ready to speak up about the things that have kept her silent for way too long. She is an award-winning empowerment speaker and founder of the World Voice League. Altovise also hosts The #SpeakEasy Podcast where she empowers authors and speakers with hot topics and candid interviews.

Altovise is the Visionary Author for the #1 Best Selling book “A Stage of Their Own: More than a movement.” She is also a contributing author to the #1 Best Selling book “Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry.” World-renowned speaking legends Dr. George Fraser and Les Brown wrote the Foreword and Afterword for the book.

Homelessness and molestation affected Altovise. She hit a turning point in her personal life after decades of being silent about her molestation story even after finding out both her girls were molested. This was the catalyst for her decision to motivate women to “Leverage Their Life’s Circumstances” by learning to love and use their voice.

Come join the conversation: bit.ly/worldvoicecommunity

Check out the Holiday messages from some other podcasters worldwide:

Join the conversation by going to bit.ly/worldvoicecommunity

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