Success requires change with Victoria Melhado Daley

Today, the persons who will be most successful will be the collaborators. ~ Victoria Melhado Daley

The mindset of being dynamic.

Lady Victoria with 13 years in Healthcare is now a Life Success Coach. She had to pivot in her own career and life. Take your passion and/ or your purpose and create those phenomenal results that we want to see in our lives and finances.

When it comes to change there are 3 types of people:
1.Somebody else will make something happen
2.I hope it will just happen.
3.Movers and shakers who make it happen.

They are the change-makers. They are redefining success.

Redefining success does not mean to scrap everything. It does mean to re-launch, re-brand, and restructure. It means to make the wheel turn more effectively.

Today, the persons who will be most successful will be the collaborators. Those who connect with others and bring about empowerment and change. These are the Eagles of today.

Eagles are the leaders in the field. Eagles will use the shift to soar and to win. They look closer at time management, revenue-creating activities, and self-care.

Take a moment to reflect on and improve in the following areas:

  • Celebrating others
  • Re-evaluate the value of certain relationships
  • Establish boundaries to increase productivity

Learn to say NO. Learn to delegate. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Tap into those who can help you build your weaknesses.

It is very important to evaluate who you work with. Refer those less than perfect fits to others. Learn to pass up the immediate for the bigger picture. Become strategic in your ways and live in an abundance mindset.

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