The Test Becomes a Testimony with Tammie Mobley

I could not imagine sharing the emotional, mental and physical pain that I had endured by the hands of someone that vowed to love me.

I remember attending church the Sunday after my life was almost taken. I had stitches above my left eye, a broken finger and my body was covered with black and blue bruises. I walked up to the church alter crying. The First Lady of the church told me to wipe my tears because my story will eventually become my testimony.

 I thought she was crazy. I could not imagine sharing the emotional, mental and physical pain that I had endured by the hands of someone that vowed to love me.

A few months later my eldest son committed a crime and because of the severity of the crime he is now currently serving a 35 year sentence.

Through my lowest moments I knew that I had to be strong for my youngest son.

I attended counseling, became a mentor and started a nonprofit to assist teen parents in making healthy relationship choices for themselves and their children.

​ I wore my invisible mask to cover my flaws. I did not want to reveal that I was a teen mom, witnessed the murder of my best friend at the age of 15, I was in numerous unhealthy relationships and a mother of an incarcerated child.

No matter what life challenges you may face, with support, encouragement and love you can overcome them.

We often use words to minimize our greatness. Do you know how great you are?

When you are doubting yourself, I want to take some of these actions.

Get a pen and paper

•             I am resilient because___________________________________

•             I am brave because____________________________________

•             I can be assertive when________________________________

•             I am competent ______________________________________

•             I am passionate about_____________________________________

I know now that my imperfections don’t stop my greatness. I am now the United State of Women Ambassador for Virginia.  I am a public speaker, Certified Women Empowerment coach, mentor, facilitator, consultant, radio talk show host and a woman that empowers other women and teens to share their gifts and talents to become their best future selves.

What are you waiting for to be great?

Meet Tammie:

Tammie is the Founder of Flawless Imperfections. She is a United State of Women Ambassador for Virginia. Tammie has an undeniable passion for women and youth. Over the past 13 years Tammie has empowered women through public speaking, domestic violence peer counseling and workshop presentations.

Tammie has six years experience as a Youth Program Director and is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach.

Tammie has trained and mentored individuals on leadership and developing non profit organizations. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops on healthy relationships, conflict resolution, effective communication, teen dating violence and sexual responsibility. ​

In 2008, Tammie founded Mentor, Encourage, Lift and Love, Inc., a community based organization providing life skills, educational workshops and mentoring to teen parents. The organization was responsible for delivering over 4,000 diapers to a transitional home between 2008 and 2009. ​

She has extensive experience on issues involving intimate partner violence. She has provided case management, peer counseling, crisis intervention, managed a shelter and facilitated support groups to women that have been affected by domestic violence. ​

Tammie has worked as a contractor for Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) as a Team Lead. The opportunity allowed her to work under PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act). With this position she traveled to various correctional intuitions throughout the United States and communicated with adjudicated youth residents on their treatment and safety in the facility. ​

Tammie currently serves as an Adult Representative on Chesterfield’s County Youth Citizen Board for the Bermuda District and on Chesterfield County Domestic Violence Task Force.


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