The Big Ask with Mario Armstrong

Has 2020 shifted your opportunity for a “Big Ask”?

It may seem like an easy question to answer but there are some key factors at play that you may not have anticipated. 2 times Emmy award-winner Mario Armstrong joined me in this episode to shed some light on what it looks like to create and execute a Big Ask for your business.

Do you find that any of these questions resonate with you?
~ How do I craft a Big Ask?
~ How do I get a yes when I ask?
~ What is the process that I need to implement when I get a no?
~ Can my Big Ask get bigger?

Success is truly in the eye of the beholder. It will shift as you develop a Bigger Ask and Mario shared a Big Ask in this episode that he did with Spike Lee in a room full of strangers. His three ask formula gave him what he needed to show Spike that he valued his time, did his research, and wanted an opportunity to work with him. (I mean, don’t we all have that one person that we wish we could work within our industry?) Take a moment and think about who that person may be for you.

Mario dropped delivered gems all throughout this episode, including what kind of sponsors he likes to connect with and how he uses tangible affirmations in connection with the projects he wants to complete. Who knew that sneakers could motivate you to do more than playing a sport or getting healthy?

2020 was not the ideal year for some but it brought some lessons that can help you make 2021 a phenomenal year. Take the time to filter through the negative self-talk, switch up your circle, and take action by doing your own Big Ask. Dive in with both feet unapologetically and start focusing on what you want to see happen.

Come join the conversation

Meet Mario:

Mario Armstrong: Motivating people around the world to Never Settle

— Inspire the human spirit
— Teach lessons that matter
— Uncover new perspectives

You’ve probably seen Mario on TV as a two time Emmy Award-winning talk show host and Digital Lifestyle Expert® on NBC’s TODAY Show, CNN, NPR, and more. Or you’ve watched him on Steve Harvey, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, FUSE, and other popular talk shows and news programs.

​Mario is also the host of the Emmy winning Never Settle Show, a web television series that provides the advice and tools to help you hustle mindfully to pursue your passions.

Mario focuses on positivity, motivation, and tactical advice to inspire people to take action pursuing their personal and professional goals, dreams, and passions. He is an entrepreneur, brand influencer, and a public speaker listed with Daymond John’s Shark Group Speaking Division. His new daily podcast, entitled Wake Up and Level Up, kickstarts your day in under 5 minutes with a jolt of inspiration, advice, and personal growth formulas. The podcast recently became a Top 200 podcast on the iTunes Self-Help charts and is in the top 10% of all podcasts around the country

Whew. When he’s not playing host, contributor, and expert, he’s living a balanced life, playing husband and father, devouring sushi, meditating, adding to his metal lunchbox collection, and taking his “sneakerhead” status to borderline obsessive levels. (Seriously, you wouldn’t believe this guy’s closet.)

While Mario is the face, the fun, the fashion, and the force that everyone gets to see and enjoy, Mario Armstrong is hardly a one-man show. Mario comes with an entire team of strategists, researchers, producers, idea generators, and content creators all working hard (and playing hard!) behind the scenes, making great things happen. Every day. Mario Armstrong is many different things: TV host, media personality, motivational speaker, public servant, and social entrepreneur.


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