Moving Forward & Avoiding Blame by Raechelle Johnson

Moving Forward & Avoiding Blame

I started looking at success after a conversation with one of my participants during my travels in Boston. Our conversation began my thinking about the definition of success and how it varies person to person based on a multitude of parameters. This furthered my thinking to whether success is defined by the individual why does it appear to be so easily accessible by some and so allusion for others. This created my interest in self-talk. Could the path to success be visualization? If I can see it I can believe it. If I believe it I will speak it. As I speak it, I am more opted to work to possess it; therefore, it becomes so. Yes. I say yes.

This is why training begins with objectives. Why consultants ask clients for prospective and coaches work toward desired achievements. Each understand in order to finish strong, with a product the consumer will be overjoyed with, both must see, believe and (be committed to) communicate the same result. This is how, why some advance, find success, and why some fail. Watch what you say. Protect your thoughts. Do not allow others to rob you of your opportunities before you are given the chance to seize them. You are a mirror reflection of those things you meditate on and speak. What you think will spill out so be sure to fill your thoughts with reaffirming speech. Confirming talk. Protect what you let in as you learn and or fortify your thinking with advancement. Learn the language of “can” and “how”. Erase “cannot” in all its forms. It’s must become a dead language.

In this season learn to meditate on a thought–silence yourself and be deliberate on whether the thought should have space in your mind; if it is allowed to take residence. How it becomes a part of the narrative. If not, develop a rejection statement. My mantra, “Perception is Reality. And Reality is Truth”, keep my sanity in a toxic environment. My rejection statement became, “This is not my Reality”.

When there was a thought, behavior, etc. that was contradictory to my truth of elevation and excellence I used my rejection statement. Sidebar: I experienced so much success and professional triumph during the time others took notice and begun to adopt my mantra and way of thinking. One of my colleagues is fond of “Not my monkey not my circus”, as her rejection statement. Use what works.

Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu

How to create a culture of accountability…one which supports change.

1. Identify the challenges by engaging and reinforcing honest and open suggestions free of blame or negativity.  This fosters trust, commitment and team.

2. Address the old culture. Don’t keep walking around the elephant in the room. Behaviors are easier to change when we first acknowledge them.

3. Identify the naysayers and lead with compassion. Not everyone will be won over easily; however, lead with heart and passion. Communicate openly, honestly address doubts with fact and lead through motivators to create buy in.

4. Model the accountability you want to see. Allow those who support you and you support to hold you accountable. When it hits the fan (you know, the shhhh), be the voice of accountability and not explanation or excuse.

It easy to point out what went wrong, why and who is to blame; but it more productive to address what needs to be improved, seek viable solutions and create opportunity. When you do this, you exchange the culture of finger pointing for one #realworldsolutions.

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Meet Raechelle:

Raechelle “Rae” Johnson is a Evolution Coach, Media Personality, International Speaker and Author who specializes in Innovation Strategy. With her credentials and expertise, she provides her clients with foresight, growth and innovation for real world solutions. Also know as the Solution Architect, Raechelle navigates the complexity of challenges with opportunities while managing change. Lending her platform and expertise, she extends the reach of her client’s full potential, paving the way to success on their terms. Whenever not speaking or coaching she can be found prepping for Kreative Insights (currently streaming on OnStage Plus) her Digital Program powered by the Shawn Fair Channel; engaging with her networks on social media; or branding and coaching speakers in her role as the VP of Global Sales and Marketing for the Fair Leadership Experience Tours.


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