Networking, the Netflix of Entrepreneurship with Ginny Robertson

Networking can happen at Walmart or at the local Chamber of Commerce but you have to know how to use it best. ~ Altovise Pelzer

For many, networking has taken on a much bigger role in building their business after learning what works best for them. Similar to Netflix, it can either drain your time or benefit you with wisdom and some great relationships. We are a long way away from just handing out business cards at a local event. Now, we find ourselves using virtual options to build connections and gain visibility for a business.

In this episode, Ginny, who knows all too well how to build a networking community, joined me to talk about the things she has been able to do for women in business. It started as a local meetup for women in the DMV area but has quickly expanded to a global community of women coming together to learn and grow. Even throughout the pandemic, they took the in-person meetups to a virtual platform without missing a beat. Being able to make the shift in the middle of a pandemic created momentum for the women as they were managing a new normal in business.

Check out the episode:

Ginny’s nuggets:
~ Creating conversations and creating community are both important
~ Having support is valuable when situations happen that are outside of your control
~ It is the things that you learn today that have the potential to benefit you later
~ Work in your strengths and you will see success
~ Connections happen through conversations
~ Don’t wait until you need something in order to figure things out
~ Let people know that they matter

The On Purpose Woman Global Community brings together women for the opportunity to network and learn virtually. 21 years of networking has given Ginny a vast experience with empowering women. It also led to her creating the On Purpose Woman Magazine where she creates a platform to feature women in business.

When you create communities, you also create a driving force for change. Through networking, Ginny has been able to help Light of Truths Ministries for almost two decades. Doing things like clothing drives and music concerts that benefit the organization shows how networking builds those within the community and those outside the community. Is there a way that your networking community can serve another community?

Come join the conversation:

Meet Ginny:

Ginny Robertson supports women, wherever they are in life, with opportunities for deep connection, more visibility and to become more comfortable with playing a bigger role on the planet. She is an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, the founder of the On Purpose Woman Global Community, and the Founder & Publisher of the On Purpose Woman Online Magazine. Her mission is to connect women around the world to their gifts, their purpose, and each other.

A contributing author to three anthologies, Ginny also spent 4 years as the co-host of the WomanTalk Live radio show on WCBM in Baltimore. In 2012 she was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record, Maryland’s premier business, law, and government newspaper.

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