Moving Past the Challenges with Makeba Matthews

Have you ever been so engrossed by problems and uncontrollable circumstances that you feel you can no longer carry on?

Have you experienced situations so overwhelming that you feel them draining you of your willpower, your drive, and your positivity? Well, you are not alone, many people have these feelings. In fact,

I feel this from time to time. The nature of my job and life makes challenges a daily occurrence. But I have been able to keep my life up beat and moving forward by not focusing on the challenges but instead I focus on moving past the challenges.  I take a few minutes per day reflecting inward to obtain the encouragement that I need to push forward and keep moving.

As women we wear many hats and so many people look to us as a source of encouragement. I aim to put my best foot forward by praying every day and taking time to focus on positive outcomes. I sit in my car before entering work and before entering my house and I envision all my problems solved. I imagine myself at the end of all of my challenges, even the challenges that have not manifested themselves. If you find your space and take one minute to just tell yourself that you are the plug and that the source powers your life, you will see amazing changes.  You will  begin to see every challenge as a chance to improve. The challenges become like weights and the more you lift the stronger you become. If you have the right mindset to keep lifting and shifting, initially it might feel like you are being pulled down by the weight. If you keep  going and develop your skill you will build muscle along with endurance. The endurance and mental muscle will take you to the next level and allow you to move forward mentally and physically.

  I talk about some of the power that I have received to cope and grow in my book, “Reflections of A Nurse”. In this book I have drawn from my vast background as a former New York City School Teacher, Conflicts Analyst, Paralegal, and my current career as a Registered Nurse putting myself at risk during the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I  share the  coping mechanisms that I use to encourage healthcare workers and others who find themselves in difficult situations. This book is a collection of my  thoughts and actions that have helped me remain focused and calm, while scaling through the hardest time of this pandemic and the phase of the unknown. Reflections of  A Nurse encourages strength, persistence, and willpower.

We live in a world that is moving so fast that if we don’t hit pause, we will look up and the entire picture will be over. Find your pause, but don’t stop! For me, my car is my thinking place. Most times before I go to work I sit in my car for some time to think. This exercise helps me reflect on my life, my activities, my business, my family, and my work. It helps me settle and take a relaxed mind to work. Whenever I do this, I realize I am more productive and I feel less stressed. This is because I have already prepared my mind for the tasks ahead making it easier to cope. Every challenge is a chance to improve. It is like adding a weight wheel to the regular amount of weight that you lift; it might try to push you down, but if you persevere you gain extra muscle

This book can help anyone…..not just healthcare workers. It is a great resource for women because it can help them find their voice and strength to balance life as they juggle so many roles as mothers, sisters, wives, friends and bosses.  Life is so precious and full of variety and worth the effort. If we do not take the time to build our muscles we can miss so much and end up regretful. Let’s aim for no more regrets!! Let’s aim for a full life! Let’s do our work, our heavy lifting! Let’s honor our ancestors! Let’s inspire our legacy and motivate the world!

Meet Makeba:

RN-BSN I am a nurse, an author and a wellness advocate. I promote healthy living with the use of supplements and a variety of quality products. I am the CEO of the organization Scrublife4ever. Join us on Facebook we are dedicated to uplifting and giving back to healthcare professionals.





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