Three Sides of a Coin with Altovise Pelzer

Three Sides of a Coin

There are three sides to every coin and while most only focus on heads or tails…the rim plays a significant part in the structure of a coin. Being the rim has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to business and life.

You can be the one holding everyone together
You can be the one that is forgotten about

In the moments when a coin lands on the rim there is movement. The coins roll until it stopped or it goes to the place where it becomes untouchable.

The moment that I realized that I was on the rim…everything changed!

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  1. Ilene says:

    I am so down with being on the edge of the coin. This world is not clear or opaque – it’s all the unknowable where we’re going to find the questions and the quests that matter most and quietly make a difference without looking for reward or recognition. It’s on the edges where the creativity lives. It’s on the edges where the most beautiful things in life are found. It’s not silver or gold or precious metals that make our interiority rich. By keeping something beautiful inside you can get through anything outside. We have to remember what is essential and by holding on to things that make us miserable we find that trouble is the only thing that reminds us what’s really important. It’s not until we lose something that we only realize what we once had. That goes for people who dismiss the intimacy that can exist even with strangers – by saying “how you doing?” It’s become so bereft of meaning, why not talk to a stranger once in a while? Get out of the comfort zone and that’s where human connection happens in the most outrageously gorgeous ways! I loved listening to your podcast. I’d love you to read some of my poetry – I’m in grief for someone who lived in London who I never met in person yet that grief is of loss of a beautiful soul who gave of herself even when she,like I, are dying from an incurable disease – and that’s what brought us together and what took us away. But I never took her for granted. Never take those who touch your heart and open it like a new book for granted. That’s where love and light shine shine shine!

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    1. So true. We have to value the people and moments that matter most. OMG!!! I have a huge smile because of your comment. It is a reminder that the lessons we learn are not just for us. I enjoy being to share my heart in posts like this one.

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      1. Ilene says:

        I’m so glad you found a voice inside this post of mine – I see them as parts of deep conversation- especially when I hear a response on the comments. Healing the self heals the world. Healing begins in the psyche and the company you keep benefits, allowing those they interact with to benefit in a positive way and so on. Much love & gratitude


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