Three Less Known Leaks That Can Sink Your Emails with Emmanuel Aginam

Yes, email marketing is actually a profitable medium for converting prospects to clients ($38 for $1).

This is the reason brands/businesses/coaches that once said a big NO to sending emails are now making use of it.

What are the 3 leaks that could cause you to lose some/most of your clients without your knowledge???

1. If the font is too difficult to read.(except your subscribers care about the topic like a subscriber sent me a message to save me then, they’ll stop reading yours or even opening it).

2. If the flow of the email is difficult to follow.

The first line…yes.


Third…they begin to struggle to read because of its structure.

Fourth…they forgive you to keep reading to understand (but the next one, they might not open).

3. If the story or info revealed in the email are written in a boring or less connecting format.

(Erm, even storytelling which is one of the best converting format via emails can be written in a way that it becomes a bore to your readers).

Which of these are you going to be working on???

Meet Emmanuel:

I help coaches and course creators who feel NEGLECTED in a saturated market the authority their ideal clients only wants to listen to. Also, I help service providers and coaches spend 15 minutes a day converting more clients via email.




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