#UnMuted with Altovise Pelzer on FLAGRANT 2 w/D. Murph

What happens when you bring two podcasters together for one episode…the gloves are off! I was recently invited to be a guest on FLAGRANT 2 w/D. Murph and the conversation was fire from beginning to end. Check out the episode and be sure to let D. Murph know what you thought about it.

This episode Murph brings in Altovise Pelzer the host of the #SpeakEasy podcast to talk about parenthood, staying active in podcasting and how showing vulnerability can open doors. Will Murph do something special for the 500th episode? Even when life happens, what keeps Altovise pushing to produce content? Tune In!

Follow Altovise:

Instagram: @altoviseunmuted

Website: www.iamunmuted.com

Follow Murph:

Twitter: @ItsDMurph
Instagram: @ItsDMurph

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Instagram: @Flagrant2pod_



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