The Heroic Shift: Doing an Author Pop Up in a Pandemic

The Heroic Shift: Doing an Author Pop Up in a Pandemic

With all honesty, I have to say that I am comfortable doing virtual events. The business up top and party down below model has been one I’ve been accustomed to for five years now.

Oh, but doing a live event in the midst of a pandemic…that takes courage! In this episode of The #SpeakEasy Podcast I share my experience of doing a live event while the world is open/not open and masking/not masking.

~ Cash vs. Card: Best payment options
~ The Pitch: Making the moment count
~ Community Collaboration: It’s not about the size
~ Generosity: It’s a Ripple Effect
~ Lead Generation: The email list can wait…or can it?

(You can see clips from my event on Facebook and IG @altoviseunmuted)

While there were many things that have changed over the years, there are some foundational elements of business that have remained the same. Have you had to make some big changes as an Author, Podcaster or Entrepreneur this year?


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