How to Be an Effective and Authentic Communicator with Lee Rubin

“Communication is to do more than exchange information.” ~ Lee Rubin

How to Be an Effective and Authentic Communicator

How good of a communicator are you? Do you communicate to just exchange information, or do you do it to make a connection? An important piece of communication is that it should be more about the message and not about the messenger.

In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Lee Rubin, a full-time keynote speaker and an accomplished author helping organizations build extraordinary teams. He explains the meaning of an effective communicator, plus his story on how he found his authenticity as a speaker.

Listen in to learn how not to get hung up on you as the messenger, that it hinders your ability to deliver the message effectively.

“Communication is to do more than exchange information.”- Lee [6:10]

What you will learn in this episode:
•[1:47] Get to know Lee- the college football player turned full-time communicator.
•[3:51] The benefits of having some type of communication course.
•[5:55] How to communicate to connect rather than just exchanging information.
•[9:33] Learning how not to be a selfish communicator and instead give importance to what is being communicated.
•[12:40] How to effectively communicate as a business owner by correctly creating a connection with your audience.
•[15:38] Lee shares his toughest experience communicating with a group of police officers.
•[20:50] How to stop being hang up on you as the messenger and instead focus on the message.
•[22:25] How to be authentically and uniquely you, to be an effective speaker.
•[26:13] Lee explains how to seek understanding to effectively communicate in a marriage.
•[31:31] The power of listening in making you an effective communicator.

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