Do you also believe Amy Porterfield (Queen of online courses) was wrong? with Emmanual Aginam

Guest post submitted by Emmanuel Aginam

Do you also believe Amy Porterfield (Queen of online courses) was wrong??

It’s one thing to GET attention (far easy).
It’s another thing to KEEP that attention -red hot…(most rarely focus here)

Have you ever had those “engagement” posts that gave you 345 comments😳,
And in your mind, they were “leads.”

Which means you have to start chatting them up in the DM’S to see if they would be interested in your services (of course, they should since they were interested in your post)

Yet, you keep sending those messages, using various “I’m interested in you” strategies and NONE seem to bite.

Or those that you send pitches to AS THOUGH you were pitching to Angel investors or Shark Tank team for how much 🙄 (and yet, they would still not budge).

Are they not leads again according to what you were taught??

I had to take a sneak peek at Simon’s whose post on Amy Porterfield recent ad went viral, TRIGGERED lots of nerves, defense, and offense.

A lot of YES and NOs and few, I don’t care.
The post had about 99 shares (additional 5 more shares). Quite interesting!!

How do you leverage it to build your addictive audience BECAUSE it’s far easier to lose it all?

  1. Answer this question,
    “Is that stance your honest truth on that status quo or JUST another attention seeking strategy??”
    “Why would this small thing matter?”, you ask
    Because this determines if ALL you get are those that buy just one-time (that is, if they even purchase) OR if they become REPEAT clients and would love to refer as MANY of those in their circle or clique that would fit your services.
    Reading about Chanel’s domination strategy again, I realize this was THE FIRST thing she ensured WAS NOT missing.
    And that was how she dominated Paris fashion industry, and moved to America.
    Honest truth.
    Not tactics or manipulation slices. Those won’t last and would fickle away.
    Got it??
    Let’s move to the next one.
  2. Relationship.
    Always realize that this is more about DEEPENING the relationship with those you want to serve.
    Not another hack.
    The relationship.
    It’s the way you get to, not ONLY get that attention but KEEP it in a red hot manner.
    Let the main focus be to strengthen that relationship with those you want to enjoy WORKING with (and not everyone).
    … as addictive audience is NOT in the numbers but in their real desires and connection and the kind of results they want.
    There are leads.
    There are audience (500,678 followers).
    There are addictive audience.
    Which you choose to focus on depends on the result you want.
    Emmanuel Aginam

I help coaches and course creators who feel NEGLECTED in a saturated market the authority their ideal clients only want to listen to. Also, I help service providers and coaches spend 15 minutes a day converting more clients via email.




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