Tenacity, Transparency, and Staying Focused on Your Goals with Marley Majcher

Tenacity, Transparency, and Staying Focused on Your Goals

Are you being transparent as a business owner when going through dark times? It is important to check in with yourself and course correct when you go off course as part of your entrepreneurship journey.

In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Marley Majcher, the CEO of the Party Goddess, a nationally acclaimed full-service event planning and catering company. She’s also the author of “But Are You Making Any Money?” a business guide for entrepreneurs.
Listen in to learn the value of having tenacity as an entrepreneur but also being careful to avoid losing focus on your goals.

What you will learn in this episode:
•[1:09] Marley explains the events that led to starting her catering business and writing a business book.
•[6:27] Learn to do check-ins with yourself and not be afraid to course correct.
•[9:57] How to be honest with the dark side of your entrepreneurship journey.
•[11:51] Stop beating yourself up for going through the realities of business.
•[14:11] Guard your time and learn to say no the higher up you go in your business.
•[16:27] Where to reach Marley plus her free course.

Relevant Links:
•Website: https://thepartygoddess.com/
•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepartygoddess/
•Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepartygoddess
•Course: mini.theprofitgoddess.com


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