The Laptop Lifestyle Reloaded!

It’s clear to see that life for the average entrepreneur has shifted over the last few years which has brought the “laptop lifestyle” discussion back to the forefront. With the popularity of ecommerce and virtual education, the only things holding someone back from making that big move is having a place to call home. Even if it may be for a short period of time. The term, now being coined “digital nomad” may seem intimidating at first but there are many benefits that may pique your interest.

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Digital nomads live the laptop lifestyle and one way that they are able to do so is with short-term rentals. Now, pre-covid days, many looked at this lifestyle in wonderment while secretly living vicariously through someone else’s Instagram feed. Those times are long behind us with entrepreneurs, speakers, and creatives using short-term rentals to live their life to the fullest.

A few years ago, I spoke during a conference in Myrtle Beach. I loved the experience of the conference and the beach atmosphere but trust me, where I stayed was not the best. It was bike week so the area was booked except for a few places here and there. With that being said as an influencer, a short term apartment would have been great for the occasion. Imagine going to Zumper and choosing a place to call home temporarily instead of having to choose from the leftovers. It definitely would have added to the experience of the trip for me and allowed me to not feel rushed to return home.

So, has the digital nomad bug bitten you yet? Yes…no…maybe? No matter where you are in that spectrum, you will need a strategy for sure.

Here are some qestions to consider:

~ What can you do virtually to generate revenue while you are living as a digital nomad? This is your opportunity to dismantle the preverbal box that limits revenue generation.

~ Where in the world do you want to go? (In my head all I could hear was “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? lol)

~ How do you find these short-term rentals? Websites like Zumper allow you to find houses, condos, and apartments for short term living. They are even set up so you can apply to the places you like right on the website.

~ What is really holding you back from living the digital nomad lifestyle? On the surface it may look like it is finances but that may not be what is really holding you back.

~ Do you want to connect with your online community? If so, you may choose to travel to a place where many of your community reside.

I, myself, have been thinking more and more about becoming a digital nomad. As a speaker and author, I travel often so it wouldn’t be a problem. As a podcaster and blogger, I am able to create and share content from anywhere. You may be wondering what was holding me back. As a mom, I wanted my children to be settled before I stepped into this new adventure. That is not the case for everyone. Some take their whole family on the journey.

Check out my interview with Judith Fein about the Magic of Travel below

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