Living Sustainably Through Homegrown Foods with Marjory Wildcraft

Are you ready to take on the opportunity to create a healthy atmosphere for you and your community? Growing your own food in your backyard is one of the best ways to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle.

In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Marjory Wildcraft, an expert on sustainable living and the founder and CEO of The Grow Network, a movement of people who are stopping the destruction of the Earth via homegrown food. She admits that teaching people how to grow food isn’t the easiest business to build, but it is a needed venture.

Listen in to learn about the many opportunities opening up for small businesses in holistic medicine and local food distribution and how you can benefit from it.

What you will learn in this episode:
•[1:11] Marjory on how she and her community teach people to grow healthy food in their backyards.
•[2:53] Get to know Marjory’s career background and the events that led her to start growing food sustainably.
•[10:12] The physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual benefits that you will experience by growing your own food.
•[16:38] Understanding that you’re what you eat and why growing your own food is doable.

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