The Skills to Pay the Bills an Entrepreneur’s Journey with Charles Chadwick

When it comes to college vs trade school, have you ever been told: 1) College is the only path to success. 2) Trade school is only for people who can’t make it in college. 3) College is more expensive than trade school. Then this episode is for you!

“Once you know what you’re doing, you’re not going to be spending two to 3 hours on a job. You can go somewhere; fix the water leak in 20 minutes and charge $200 and be on your way.”

Charles Chadwick is a North Carolina native who has built a successful career in the trade industry. He is a passionate advocate for trade education and has written a book, “Chadwick Cultivated Circumstances. Experience is sometimes Prices,” to help others learn about the industry. You can connect with Charles on his website,, or on social media at @reducecollegedebt.

This is Charles Chadwick’s story…

I’m an entrepreneur and business owner, and I was recently a guest on the “Hey, Guys” podcast. I grew up on a farm in North Carolina, and my dad had a plumbing business. He made me work in it, and I didn’t like it because I wanted to play like other kids my age. However, I’m now 38 years old and I can see how valuable the skills I learned are. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m more successful with the skills I learned for free than with my two college degrees. I tell the next generation that college is not for everybody and that the trade industry is a secret jewel. In the trade industry, you can walk away with a life skill that can pay bills. And if you don’t know what you want

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The importance of learning trades, and how they can provide a lifetime of earnings and skills. 2. How college may not be the best option for everyone, and how it can be expensive and leave people in debt. 3. The importance of exploring different options and opportunities, and how this can lead to a more successful and fulfilling life.


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Chapter Summaries:

[00:00:36] – Charles is in Hawaii. He is 6 hours behind Eastern time. It’s about 06:00 am in the morning here and it’s 12:00 PM. Noon where Charles is. Charles loves doing what he does because it’s a job that pays the bills.

[00:01:12] – During the pandemic, many people changed their minds about their education and went back to work in the trade industry instead of going to college. In his opinion, college is not for everybody. But if you want to have a good career and travel all around the world or help your family out, then trades are the way to go.

[00:02:59] – As a kid, when he was growing up in the south, his dad made him and his brother get in a van and learn some plumbing. Now he’s almost 38 years old, and there’s nobody calling him to work. The older he’s gotten; the more fun plumbing has become for him because you’re helping people. He was born into the plumbing business, and he’s happy with that aspect.

[00:07:24] – In the US. Last few weeks, there were record highs and heat. An HVAC engineer told him that the average cooling unit is not designed to handle 110 degrees consistently. In the future, if a young person going into the trade industry is going to be in demand, all the people with college degrees will be calling the HVAC people to keep them cool. After working a year at Church’s Chicken, he decided not to go to college. He enrolled in associates with electronic services at the community college. His parents gave him the option to explore life first and not take out a $10000-a-day loan for college.

[00:12:32] – Chadwick explains how to connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, and his website. He is on a mission to reduce college debt. Women make 957% of what a man makes in the trade industry. In 2020, women will make 57% of the workforce in the United States.

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