Almost Does Count!
I think it was Brandy that sang…”Everybody knows, almost doesn’t count!”

Now while that is true in some instances, we have to take a deeper dive into what that may mean for you. Yes, you! When you made the decision to go after that goal it was because you wanted to achieve it and believed that you could. Disappointment can be a thorn in your side at times, I know. When you didn’t achieve it you quit!

I’ve done it too. 🙋🏾‍♀️ Here is something I realized over time. Sometimes, the goal was bigger than I imagined and needed more than a one and done burst of energy. Sometimes I needed to keep swinging the axe to chop down the tree. (Those that saw my axe throwing video will get a good giggle)

I’ve learned that almost does count so listen in and found out how it can count for you.

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