The Sacred Nature of Families: A Conversation with Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff on Trauma and Healing

Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff reveals the sacredness of families and trauma in a world that is filled with chaos and conflict.

“What I also figured out, which was so interesting is that there are an actual heart wall around families themselves. So we have normalized trauma to the extent that we’ve walled off the love that our families can experience because we keep looking to the outside for what’s going on in our lives and

Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff is a trauma expert who has dedicated her life to understanding and healing the wounds of trauma. She is the author of “The Sacred Nature of Families: Returning to the Wisdom of the Soul.”

This is Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff’s story…

The text tells the story of Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff’s journey to understand trauma and how it affects families. She describes trauma as any life experience that causes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual shock or distress that throws us into an imbalance. She talks about the seven stages of survival that many people go through when they experience trauma: secrets, silence, shame, shadows, status quo, sabotage, and suffering. Dr. Kelly talks about how families can heal from trauma by understanding their sacred nature and realigning with it.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The definition of trauma from Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff’s perspective
2. The idea that trauma is a symptom of healing, not something to be afraid of
3. The suggestion that everyone has



Chapter Summaries:
[00:00:00] – Dr. Kelly will be a guest on The #Speak Easy podcast today. Dr. Kelly has spoken about domestic violence, homelessness and trauma in the past. She will talk about the taboo topic of trauma and how to handle it in today’s conversation.
[00:01:03] – As a child. She experienced trauma through the lens of violence, addiction, and trafficking in childhood. She has been trying to understand why children are hurt by those who are meant to love them and keep them safe for more than half a century. She believes families are not broken, they are just returning to the love that they already are “I see our families as stronger and courageous and more resilient than they actually know”.

[00:07:30] – When it came to the passing of the queen. The world is watching this whole process. People in the UK see it from a different lens than those in the US. And how we see it is going to be completely different. The key to healing is to change the lens of trauma.

[00:09:25] – On the merry-go-round of survival, there are seven S’s: secrets. Silence, shame, the shadows, the status quo, the sabotage, the suffering, and the inner struggle to realign to the true nature of who we are. We live in a traumatized world and need to move our way back into our sacred nature. Everything that happens to you becomes a seed in your life. The words that people say to you will germinate and grow in the heart, and the roots of it go all the way through the body. As we are healing as families, as nations, as communities, as generations, there’s a lot of healing that needs to be done. It’s literally uprooting some of the things that were planted. Trauma is the greatest addiction known to man. It’s more addictive than any drug. We live in a spectrum of emotions. We dive deep into the darker, denser, heavier emotions while we’re here, so we can learn and understand them and heal them. Every emotion matters. The best way to find the balance between mind and heart, body and spirit, is to restore that sacred nature. Once those are online, there is nothing that you or your families cannot do. The light that shines from coming through adversity and from helping each other heal is more beautiful and worthwhile than anything we ever went through.

[00:25:39] – This episode of Speakeasy Podcast has been amazing. Dr. Kelly will tell them how they can reach out to her for more information. She can reach her at and the website is Altis of the hashtag sees the podcast.

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