”Mickey Royal’s Road to Redemption: Overcoming Trauma and Finding Identity”.


Against all odds, Mickey Royal transitioned from a life of deviancy and criminal activity to a life of love and purpose, showing that it’s never too late to start anew.

“When you make the decision to change, you must be willing to let go of your identity and take a leap of faith into the unknown in order to create a new life for yourself.” – Mickey Royal

Mickey Royal is an author, former gangster, mob enforcer, pimp, pornographer, drug dealer, sex trafficker, and drug smuggler who has gone through a personal journey of healing and now shares his story to help others.

This is Mickey Royal’s story…

Mickey Royal was an author and a former gangster, mob enforcer, pimp, pornographer, drug dealer, sex trafficker, and drug smuggler. He had become desensitized to extreme acts of violence and was living in what he called the shadow world until he fell in love with a former coin star and decided to quit. She also decided to quit and they got married and he was able to taper down his lifestyle. He was able to transition out and tell his story, which he now uses as an instruction manual for others trying to do the same. After years of being in the underworld, he eventually learned that the most important transition is the one from within and that it takes a conscious effort to move on.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What is the process of transitioning out of a lifestyle that is familiar yet damaging?
2. How can someone leave an identity that has been constructed by their environment?
3. What does it mean to truly “quit” and make a successful change in one’s life?

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