Rebuilding Confidence Frances Jones’ Journey to Overcome the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility

“Share your story and help someone else find the strength to build themselves back up.”

“Happiness is not about how many cars you have or how big your house is or how much money you have or how successful you think you are. It’s all about loving who you are on the inside.” – Frances Jones

Frances Jones is a speaker transformation coach, author, and CEO. She wrote the book Overcoming the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility: Barren, but Not Ashamed, which is a story of her 20-year journey with infertility.

Frances Jones is a speaker, coach, author, and CEO. She wrote a book about overcoming the emotional stigmas of infertility, sharing her personal 20-year journey of never being able to have children. Through this journey, she discovered that happiness and success come from within and not from external sources. Frances encourages others to appreciate their presence and use their struggles to help others. She wants to encourage those who doubt their own greatness and show them that their pain has a purpose and can help others find hope in their story.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Discovering Strength Through Transformative Journeys: How can we use our experiences to build bridges and help others?
2. Celebrating Personal Growth: How can we appreciate our process of rebuilding and learning to love ourselves?
3. Sharing Our Wisdom: How can we use our stories to encourage and inspire others?


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