Samantha Card Moving from Pain to Power Through an Unexpected Transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

“Be like an athlete: Push through the pain and challenge yourself to greatness.”

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do, right? I’m going to create my own pathways. I’m going to go all in. And to be quite honest, all I needed was one yes. I can get 100 nos. All I needed was one yes.”

Samantha Card is a former Division One softball player, Chemistry major, with a Master’s in Business graduate. She is an all-in type of woman who has leveraged her experience set to become an Amazon bestseller and mentor athletes in parallel.

Samantha Card was an all-in type of woman who was a former Division One softball player at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating, she had an identity crisis as she did not have any traditional work experience. She went on to get her Masters in Business and ran a $10 billion merger acquisition program. She then left Corporate America and became an Amazon bestseller in six categories. She spoke about how athletes push through pain in order to reach their goals and how she used her own athletic experience to transition into a successful career in business. Samantha highlighted the importance of failure and having discipline in order to reach success.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How making shifts and changes in our lives can be beneficial, even when it’s an uncomfortable process?
2. What can we learn from athletes about pushing through pain and adversity?
3. How can we use motivation and discipline to fuel and steer our dreams?


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