Bricks are either felt or caught! 🤕 (I’ve had both happen)

#flashback So awhile back I shared that bricks are necessary to build. 🏠 Some bricks are caught, while others are felt…..🤕 but they are necessary. Bricks are the pearls of wisdom that hurt us because we are in our comfort zone or we are naive to the realities of business, life, marriage or raising children….

My Superpower is my Voice! 5 ways I use my superpowers!

Hi, my name is Altovise Pelzer and I’m a professional Speaker. 😁 I know we have been hearing this line, or ones similar, more and more in recent years. I mean errbody is speaking right? Nope, wrong! Actually, I’ve found that there are still a huge amount of people being silent. I’m a superhero with…

How the Lessons you Learned Can Increase Your Profit!

Well let’s start this off by asking the question……..Did you learn your lesson? Yea, I know you just heard your parent or guardians voice as you read the question. It’s an honest question that benefit the entrepreneur in five main areas. (I’ll share three tips to help you use your lesson to create profits) 1….