When will you ACCEPT Your FREEDOM? 

I want my FREEDOM!
Freedom to LOVE my VOICE!
As a teenager I sang in a choir. It was a well known choir in the city of Philadelphia and we often traveled to other cities and states to sing, we would sing for special ceremonies and tree lighting services. It was a great experience that I remember but can I be honest with you?
I did NOT like my VOICE!
I often sung lower than the other Altos for fear that someone would not like my VOICE as much as I didn’t like it. And so, I never auditioned for a lead, I never attempted to determine my range and I definitely made sure that I blended in with the other singers. I was okay with being average. Yup, I’ll admit it……the Unicorn you know today was even more shy when I was younger. lol
Then it happened! Yup….you might have guessed it. There were only a small number of us at an event so I couldn’t hide. Lawd what was I gonna do? So I sung in my normal hushed tone when the person beside me nudged me to sing louder. So I got a little louder. Well when they literally called me out by calling my name I sang even louder.
Guess what happened….I didn’t make anyone cringe or yell or even roll their eyes. Matter of fact I had several people tell me to try out for a lead role. (Before you even ask…No I did not. Didn’t I tell you I am shy? lol) I learned to LOVE my VOICE!
I had someone show me it was okay to love my VOICE and I want to do the same for you. The thing with FREEDOM is that I can offer it to you a million different ways but you won’t ACCEPT it until YOU are ready. Are you ready? 
When will you learn to love YOUR VOICE? When will you decide to use the gift that you have to bless someone else? I am doing a special class this weekend to help you do just that. Have you been wanting to write a book? Let’s do a FREEDOM call.

Bit.ly/talktoaltovise to set up Your FREEDOM call today. 


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