Books Are A Business Card!

Yea, you read the title correctly. Books are a business card……one that people pay you for and will even pass along and suggest to other people. There are a large number of people that want to write the book. (90% of Americans want to write a book!) That being said, if you haven’t written a book then you are missing a way to market yourself as business or motivational speaker. You are the expert but how many people actually know that?

I did  a special Write the Book Masterclass a week ago and there is one thing that I think motivational speakers and entrepreneurs have not figured out. (Write the book……NOW!)  Maybe it’s not just one thing………there were a few things that caught me off guard. Some vital elements that can either move you forward or hold you back as a successful Speaker or Entrepreneur.


  1. People don’t consider themselves an expert (Enough to give advice at the family cookout but not enough to write a book about it)
  2. People have an awful relationship with time and time management
  3. People have a skewed concept of what success is.


These three points had to be addressed before people realized that a book was their business card that people would pay for. It’s almost like the business card that keeps bringing business. Think about it. If you really like a book what do you do? You talk about it, you lend it out, you’ll purchase a copy for a friend and you may even leave a review. I’ve done that numerous times and I have also had people do the same things with my books.

This process repeats for as long as the book is available for purchase. That leads me to another bonus of writing a book. It helps you to build and leave a legacy. It almost makes me think of the candy called “Now & Later” that I would eat as a child. (Yes I’m telling my whole age lol) Writing a book has the potential to add to your business now and later. That will not be the case if you never get started. So how do you get started?

Write the book……NOW!

I’m glad you asked. I’ll start you off with a simple thought and exercise.

What do you know?

Write 5-10 things you know about that topic.


I give a ton of resources and tips in the course that helps you to take these two simple tips and get that book published in a weekend. You also get access to a private Facebook group that will help keep you accountable. There is a publisher in the group as well as resources you can use to have a successful book launch. Looking forward to getting a copy of your new business card.

Need to break free of some things so you can start writing? Check out Freedom from Prison



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