Get Amplified!!!!! 

Are you riding in a soapbox car but trying to be in a NASCAR race? 
This is the talk I gave at the Race to Freedom Conference in Indianapolis in May. Yes, introverts can be Motivational Speakers and yes introverts can do it just as BOLD as an extrovert. 
By following the Master Plan to Define, Accept and Use Your UNIQUE Voice
By Connecting with an Introvert that has and is doing it
By Getting Your Voice AMPLIFIED……..

Get Amplified
So here is the thing……. 

As I was preparing for the class I just launched I thought about my journey and what I’ve accomplished in the past three years. Hosting and Speaking at events nationwide as well as virtual events on international platforms………publishing three books in the past year, coauthoring two books and even co authoring a virtual book………yet what I found to be the most fulfilling experience was each time I saw a women come out of her comfort zone to be able to do the same thing. 
I’ve witnessed women use the same Master Plan that I am teaching in Get Amplified to write books, start business, speak at events, do interviews and most importantly share Their Unique Voice. 
It’s time to step into Your next level……..It’s time to Get AMPLIFIED! 

Get Amplified 

Three things that have been holding you back:

1. Self doubt

2. Mistrust 

3. Lack of support 
I know because these things held me back as well. Self  doubt made me believe that I was incapable of speaking and hosting events. It had me believing that the ones that were “doing it” had to have something special. (I just had a flashback to high school) That was why I struggled for eight years to publish my first book even though I had all the resources I needed. 
Oh and then there is that issue with trust. We’re people telling me that I was a good writer and then laughing behind my back? Who believed in me enough to buy a book from me? How do I know some publishing company won’t steal my idea? (Yea I came up with all the trust excuses not to publish my book! 🙄) Yet, I found out that the biggest issue with trust was trusting myself.  
Then there is this whole “lack of support” thing that rears its ugly head. I thought family and friends would be apart of my marketing team. (That’s how it played out in my head) It didn’t quite work out that way. Actually it was people that I didn’t know who shared and bought my books. Available on Amazon 
I learned that an imperfect launch will beat a perfect launch that never happens every time. (I have my Coach Dawniel to thank for that) I learned to trust the process above trying to always put trust in people. The journey makes all the difference! Most importantly, I learned that support can come from anywhere. There are people watching the race that cheer as you go by. 
I watched a commercial the other day (I don’t watch tv often) and it brought a tear to my eyes. It was after a race of some sorts and everyone was gone except the cleanup crew. They were taking down the finish line sign of a race and clearing trash when they saw a man slowly making his way to the finish line. One of the men yelled to put the sign back up and the clean up crew clapped as the man made it across the finish line before sitting on the ground and looking back at the finish line banner. That feeling of accomplishment is breathtaking. Knowing that you beat the lies in your head will change you. It’s changed me. ☺️

Until next time! 

Get Amplified 



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