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Yesterday the Reactivate Me Family took flight. No, we didn’t just start yesterday. They’ve actually been building, launching and networking since last year. (Having accountability gives you a 95% higher success rate📈) Oh but yesterday I watched them put their gear on and suit up for fourth quarter. They worked on their profit plan, new classes and products and determined what biz tools they needed in their arsenal. Whew! It turned into an eight hour working session that resulted in them putting $50,000 worth of ideas on paper. 
So here is why I’m doing the Telesummit webinar on Tuesday. 
A Telesummit is a an online conference with speakers, particants (paid or free) where you are able to Sell, Teach or Empower others. (That’s the easiest way to explain it) It was also something that all of my clients in the Reactivate Me Family left off their profit plan. Hmmmm. Have you left it off yours?

I’ve found that people don’t add Telesummits to their profit plan or Marketing strategy. Why? They often don’t realize the value. Telesummits add to your bottom line in three major areas.

Email list building 


Business Expansion 

Yea, I know I put four. 😜 That’s because the other one popped in my head as I was typing. Don’t judge me. Lol
People often leave things off their profit plan when they don’t understand it’s value. So, on Tuesday’s I plan to give you the low down on Telesummits. (After 9/5/17) you’ll be able to get the replay if you miss it live) You can join us. The DTM Members get free access (membership has its perks) but I’m not excluding anyone else. 

Replay Video: Telesummits and 4th quarter profit plan video 
Telesummit Webinar: Telesummit Webinar

Telesummit Tip Sheet: Telesummit Tips

Telesummit Opportunities Group: Exposure Though Telesummits Group


There are many ways to generate revenue from Telesummits. From viewer sales and upsales to charging for the event itself, you may have been missing a good chunk of money from your profit plan by leaving Telesummits off the list. With everything going virtual and digital you have to look at the virtual conference. You can educate, sell and empower from a Telesummit. You just have to know how. 

When I say revenue, I’m not talking about little numbers either. I’m talking about profitable numbers with low investment costs. The problem is that people will waste time, energy and money attempting to do it on their own. They might get scammed and then they completely discredit what Telesummits can do. Don’t be that guy! (Or girl) 

Email List Building 
This one is a no brainer……..well at least I hope it is. When people register for your Telesummit you are able to add them to your email list. This means that Telesummits are great for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, MLM’s and DIYers. Yes everyone can benefit from doing and or hosting a Telesummit. 

I believe whole heartedly that your network equals your net worth. Telesummits, when done right, allow you to connect and collaborate with people outside of your circle. It allows you to create a network that is directly related to your nitch as well as those who are not. 
I draw your attention to P Diddy (Sean “Puffy” Combs) and the levels he was able to achieve because of his connection to Biggie Smalls. Well…….he is not the only one that has had success by networking with the right people. “The Plastic Cup Boys” are literally a collaboration of comedians and friends that Kevin Hart met along the way to success. Their dedication and support along with his drive have made for an interesting adventure (check out his book I can’t make this stuff up!)
Are you one Telesummit away from connecting with your “power team? 🤔

Business Expansion 

All roads lead to expansion. Well at least when we are referring to Telesummits. Lol From Authors to speakers and entrepreneurs, many benefit and expand from doing a Telesummit. You expand in theee areas:

Your Reach

Your Audience

Your Experience 

Your Exposure 
Yea yea………that was four I know. I just really like the number three today. Lol  So have you been using Telesummits? Why or why not? 
Telesummit Webinar: Telesummit Webinar

Telesummit Tips: Telesummit Tips

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