What Will You Be Remembered For?

Yesterday, across the globe, people remembered the tragic events that occurred sixteen years ago. 9/11 will remain a painful memory of fear and hope. My families sends prayers of peace and hope to all those affected. 

When we think about legacy and just what people will remember us for it often is a limited view. We may think a few months or even a few years in advance but not any further. I went live yesterday and talked about how there are five things that people will always remember you for well after the circumstances, conversation or moment is over. 

Be remembered! 

The five things people will remember you for are:

1. Heart

Let’s be honest…….people will always remember how you made them feel. They know when you are making decisions with your heart, with your head of with your wallet. It will be seen in your conversion rates and your retention. 

I often give myself a heart check when it comes to what I want to produce for my clients. This is also very true for me with the content I share during my live streams. My goal with my #MorningPRESS series is to empower people into their next level. Not knowing who will catch me live or via the replay, I al aye go back and engage with the audience via the comments. 

Is it time for a heat check? 

2. Words

“Sticks and stones blah blah blah” 
Someone needs to be plucked in the forehead for starting this lie. Words are just as powerful as a storm with the ability to do just as much damage. There are a few reasons for this. 

* It’s not what you say……….it’s what they hear

* With the expansion of technology it is very easy to misread someone’s feelings via text or email. (Do people still use email?) 

That being said it is best to not answer in frustration and to think before we speak. Yea I know, I sound like every mom in America right now. lol This is a hard lesson we learn through trial and error, losing great friends and living life. #lessonlearned

3. Actions 

Retaliation has ended legacies! Yes the actions you take, and those you don’t take, will start a chain reaction to an abyss. We can’t control the actions of others but we can control our own actions. That may mean we spend some time with egg on our face. 

It’s not easy holding back and not putting out your foot when you see a child running after their parent has told them to stop. Repeatedly told them to stop! 🙄 Yet you know that by tripping them they could get hurt and so you refrain. Yup……..we experience situation similar to this daily. 

4. Touch 

Although my mother has been gone for six years I can still remember what it felt like to lay in her lap or receive a hug. I miss those moments and find myself thinking about them and smiling. That being said, who has a memory of your touch? Your hug or gentle kiss on the cheek. I was soooooo not a hugger and it wasn’t until a woman at my church became a hug stalker (That’s a real thing) did I start to realize to power in a hug. 

Hug a person and you can light up their life. I do not suggest that you hug random people without permission as that is illegal. Lol Yet there are videos of people walking outside with a free hugs sign. The reactions vary but the impact is amazing. 

5. Pain 
Pain can become a shackle keeping people locked into a moment of their past. I see it often. That pain becomes a brick wall blocking them from joy, success, peace and love. So when we have caused pain it is best that we go and do what we can to fix the situation. People hold onto things a lot longer than they should. 

That means we also need to do a self check to make sure that we aren’t allowing a thorn in our side to dictate our actions. It can be very damaging. For me daily prayer and quiet time are how I clear my head. I work with and engage with a lot of people who have gone through some painful things. I always want to be in the right mindset to handle what comes my way……..at least as best as possible. 
Check out the live broadcast I did on this yesterday (Be Remembered)

Until next time…….#keeppressing 
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