#hellooctober & #hello4thquarter

This year has taken me to many places mentally, emotionally and physically. I’ve traveled, expanded my reach and learned things which not only helps me but also helps my clients. It feels good seeing them achieve their dreams. So as I finalized the modules for my mastermind groups I had to smile. Homelessness, molestation and abuse didn’t stop me………….matter of fact the only thing that did stop me was me. 

We are our own worst critics as well as our own worst pacifiers. We create the comfort zone that makes us not achieve success. Yea, I said it. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions or lack thereof. I’ve found that my questions to myself have changed……….as well as the answers. What do I mean? 

My questions have changed…….

When I started this entrepreneurial journey I had questions in my mind that I think most can relate to. 
1. What can I do to make money?

2. How can I be a millionaire? (Yes I really asked myself that question 🙄) 

3. How many people will pay me to do x, y & z? (I was clearly all over the place at that time) 

Well I can be honest in saying that I was extremely off in my thinking. I didn’t have a niche and money was my focus instead of service. That has been a major shift for me…………especially when it comes to service because I see the value in people achieving their goals. What changed my questions and how are probably what you are thinking about now. Well I changed my questions through accountability and coaching. Currently my accountability group is going through the same process. You can get more information by going here Reactivate Me Community

Yes I had to get my butt kicked into entrepreneurial shape. lol I’m not sure what the heck that shape would be called tho and it would probably have about 25 sides. Needless to say, I needed help to change. Without help I would still be only thinking about writing my book or thinking about leaving my job. So what did my questions change to? 

My new questions are……..

1. How can I serve people? 

2. What is one (or two) things that my target audience needs help with today? 

3. What is affecting my target today? 

Change happened because of me going live on social media and talking to my audience, networking and talking to other people and having my mentor and my coach to talk to. So obviously the biggest change came from me talking to other people. ☺️😒 Yes, I had to stop the internal dialogue and actually have some real conversations. 

So as we walk (or run, or skip, or jog) into the fourth quarter we really have to wonder what questions am I asking and who am I asking. We have to get out of our comfort zone to see a glimpse of our zone of greatness. Some won’t do this at all. Nope not one bit and they will be in the same position next year that they are in this year.  I, on the other hand, have changed and will continue to change. Will you? 

So I say #hellooctober & #hello4thquarter! I’ve made you a place at my table now let’s get to work changing lives. 

Let’s connect! 

I’d love to hear more from you – Email me






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