Are You Echoing Your Audience? By Tandee Salter

Have you ever listened to a speaker or saw a commercial and felt like they were talking to you? felt like they understood you and took the words right out of your mouth?
And want to know how they do this?
I’ll tell you how they do it. They use a communication technique called echoing.
What is echoing?
Echoing is repeating someone’s words back to them.
It allows you to:
  • build stronger connections with increased comfort levels and trust
  • show you are listening
  • create products and services your audience wants
  • write better blog posts, social media posts, sales copy, and more
  • increase your conversion rates
3 Ways You Can Start Using Echoing
  1. Actively listen to your audience. Pay attention to words or phrases they use all the time and create a word bank you can refer to.
  2. Ask probing questions. When you hear something you do not understand, ask open-ended questions. This allows them to explain and give you more detail
  3. Use their words. When you sit down to write or plan to speak use their words to express your thoughts.
Using this technique will help to improve your conversational skills. Improving conversational skills will help you connect better with your audience. When you connect better with your audience they trust you more and you are able to increase your sales.
This technique can also be used at networking events when meeting new people. It will help you build relationships with potential business partners and those you wish to collaborate with. You will also be able to better position yourself as an expert in these conversations.
Try it out today.
Tandee Salter- Marketing Consultant
Tandee Salter Marketing Consultant

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