How Bashan McLeod Turned a Hobby Into a Business

One of the common questions aspiring entrepreneurs have is: Is it possible to turn a hobby into a business? The answer is yes. It is very possible to turn your hobby into a business but it will require some work. 

Check out Bashan McLeod’s story of how she took her interest in event planning and turned it into a business. 

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Tell Me About Your Business and What Led You to Start It?

EventBay specializes in creating beautiful and unique Social Engagements, Parties, and Hand-made Creations for the different milestones in your life. We provide a multitude of services ranging from Day-of to Full Service Party Planning, Balloon Decor, Custom Gifts, Paper Flowers and everything in between. 

I have been interested in event planning for as long as I can remember. I wanted to take this hobby and turn it into something real. This is how EventBay was birthed and I am so glad I did it! 

What are 3 Unique Things About You?

Turning a Hobby Into a Business

1. I literally NEVER quit. My competitive nature doesn’t allow me to, so if I really want something to happen it is going to get done!

2. I am the force to be reckoned with.
3. I care way more than I should sometimes. 

What Has Been Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far?

I decided to finally go into business for myself December 2018, I gave myself 1 year to test the waters and see what happens. It is now December 2019 and I have proven to myself that I can do this!

So far I have fully planned 2 parties, made 25 paper flowers, handmade over 150 custom wine glasses and mugs, done over 250 balloon decorations, and we’ve only just gotten started. 

What is the Biggest Lesson You Have Learned So Far?

To take my time! I have very little patience and sometimes and I want things to happen – not now – but right now! What I’ve learned is that during this process of patience there is waiting, growth, maturity, and strength building. I am learning so much on this entrepreneurial journey and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. 

How Can Readers Connect With You?

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