Triggered: Restoring Balance After Trauma

Listen to the conversation with Donna Marie about restoring balance = > Triggered



A word that can be heard (and read) across social media. Being triggered can happen from a conversation, a smell or even an international disease. In today’s segment, we talk about why there are some who are being triggered by the quarantine put into effect by the coronavirus.

This is a great reminder to check in on your family and friends because some may be suffering in silence. My guest today, Donna Marie, went into some details about how to handle the trauma and rebuild after the trauma has occurred.

A few of the takeaways were:

Boundaries are a great defense against secondary trauma
Choose quality over quantity when it comes to social media and personal connections
Learning to unplug in order to better plugin

Donna made a point of telling us to handle being triggered as swiftly as possible by not delaying and asking for help. When asking for help you do not need to be ashamed or fearful because there are other people who are going through the same thing.

Being “triggered” does not have to be a permanent state of being.

Listen to the conversation with Donna Marie about restoring balance = > Triggered


Donna Marie is a Self Mastery Transformation Coach. She helps women from abuse or traumatic backgrounds to self-heal from within and reach their highest potential.

From her own journey of past trauma and abuse, she has healed my body through yoga and holistic methodology as well as many clients through the self-mastery journey.

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