Forced to Quit with Annette Morris, M.A.

With everything going on at the moment I think it is time to quit! Many didn’t have an option not to quit because we now have an abundance and the space to recreate the life we want to live.


We have been forced to quit the excuses that have kept us from using our creativity to its fullest capacity. We have also been forced to quit accepting a toxic environment, self-doubt and the status quo. I mean homeschooling was never the status quo for me. (Somehow I believe I must have done something wrong for me to be thrust back into high school with my teens. lol)


(Check out the original episode of Forced to Quit with Annette Morris, M.A.)


With that being said, mental health has been thrust to the forefront as people have been quarantined with themselves, their thoughts and their loved ones. Still, a taboo subject in some communities, celebrities like Taraji P. Henson and Jada Pinkett-Smith bring more attention to mental health. The more we talk about it the more comfortable we become seeking help and dealing with it.


Our guest today, Annette Morris, was in the mental health industry for 14 years before becoming a life coach. She dropped some gems that are relevant and valuable as we head into our second month of dealing with COVID-19.


~ Consistent self-care is important
~ Creating a personal daily routine is valuable
~ Going to sleep later or get up earlier for “me time” if necessary
~ Deep breathing and meditation for 10 minutes


One thing that Annette highlighted during today’s episode was that this is your time! That things that have been resurfacing in your life could be the thing that you should be working on. That one gift has the potential to add five streams of revenue from it. (Connect with Annette about how to figure out what those five streams can be) This is a great time to monetize your gifts.


Pivot, don’t pause!


Developing a person is valuable now as people have been forced to quit. That development includes determining and handling mind barriers as well as those voices that can drown out our creativity. There were a few other hidden gems that Annette shared that can help you when it comes to coaching. Before you go to a coach it is a good idea to have a name for your business, know your target audience and have an idea of the products or services you want to provide. This will help you not to get sucked into purchasing things that are unnecessary for what you want to do business.


(Check out the original episode of Forced to Quit with Annette Morris, M.A.)
Annette J. Morris, M.A. is a Professional Mental Health Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Published Author, Entrepreneur, and Business Consultant. Her favorite quote which is the philosophy she lives by is “you will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want” by the late Zig Ziglar. Her professional career is focused solely on helping others to either accomplish their goals as an entrepreneur or in life as a whole. Although Annette has accomplished a lot in life, she had very humble beginnings. She was reared for 23 years in a local housing project by a single mother and had to overcome many obstacles on this journey called life. However, all that she’s endured in her past has helped to form the Annette of the present. Annette is a first-generation college graduate and has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the Southern University of New Orleans and a Master’s of Arts Degree from the Xavier University of Louisiana. She’s also the first full-time entrepreneur of her family and Owner/Lead Consultant of Goal Getter, LLC. Annette has also published three books Conquering the enemy, Live Free: Creating the Streams to Live Your Dreams, every day’s a New Day: Daily Positive Affirmations for Positive Daily Living and Streams Reloaded: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Multiple Streams of Income. She also co-authored a project entitled I Want to Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Tips for Massive Results While Employed and spearheaded a co-author project entitled Favor in Failure. Of all that she’s accomplished in life, she’s most excited about being a saved and a child of the highest God
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FB: Goal Getter LLC (business)
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