Get the Yes: A Look at the Speaker Selection Process with Lakesha Womack

Get the Yes: A Look at the Speaker Selection Process with Lakesha Womack


When it comes to being selected as a speaker, 2020 may have a few of you on edge. It’s almost as if some of the rules have changed but no one updated the playbook. There has been a shift from in-person events to a virtual one. Now as we slowly make our way to a new normal we need a refresher on the rules to get a yes from an event host. 

Check out some tips from Lakesha Womack on how you can get the yes as a speaker.

  1. Ask yourself if you would attend the event if you weren’t speaking. Event hosts typically want you to be a part of their event. If you’re only planning to speak and leave (even virtually), that can leave a bad impression with the planners. The exception is keynote speakers. It’s not fair but it’s true.
  2. Is their audience your ideal market? Would you want to continue working with the participants after the event? Your participation should be a building block for your business. Aside from being around on the stage, this should be an opportunity for you to expand your network. Join their social media and build relationships with the attendees. It will increase your chances of being asked to return.
  3. Check out their social media and past events. Understanding the organizational culture will help you to tailor your presentation to their audience. Even if you’re submitting your signature presentation ensure the language is tailored to their audience and event theme.
  4. Check. Double-check. Triple check before you hit send. Most planners will copy and paste whatever you submit to promote the session on their website and social media. Keep it short, sweet, and engaging. Hire a copywriter to help you craft your signature presentation and bio to make people want to know more.
  5. Follow the rules. Submit the information that is requested in the format that is requested. Your inability to follow directions is a red flag that you may be difficult to work with.
  6. Ask questions before you submit the application. But also do your due diligence to find the answers. Don’t submit to be a presenter if you aren’t sure you will accept or if your acceptance will be conditional.
  7. Promote yourself. Many event planners ask for your social media links to see if your audience would be interested in their event. They want to use you to draw attendees but are often hopeful that your network will be interested in their event. Ask yourself if this is an event that you would share with your network.
  8. Respect deadlines and be responsive. Most events run on tight deadlines. Respond to correspondences by the requested deadlines.

I hope these tips help. Begin your speaking business the way you want to grow it. Building solid relationships with event planners can open doors for referrals and repeat opportunities. Treat every event as if you are preparing for the main stage. You have no idea how close you may be.

Speak up!


LaKesha Womack is the Owner and Lead Consultant with Womack Consulting Group. For the past 15 years, the firm has provided Brand Management, Leadership Training, Strategic Planning, and Political Consulting to clients across the globe through retreats, seminars, and one-on-one consultations with professionals, not for profit organizations, churches, colleges/universities, and businesses. She has served as a business development presenter for numerous Chambers of Commerce and professional organizations including the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference and the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. In addition to providing growth strategies for organizations; LaKesha also specializes in working newly formed teams, fractured teams, and boards of directors to teach leadership and professional development strategies that enhance communication, increase emotional intelligence, and improve organizational effectiveness. LaKesha is active in her community as a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women – Queen City Metropolitan Chapter.

LaKesha has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, is a graduate of The Campaign School at Yale University, and is pursuing a master’s degree from Chicago Theological Seminary.  As a member of the Forbes’ Coaches Council, LaKesha contributed more than forty business tips to their Expert Panel forum. She is a contributor to the Amazon Best Seller “Speak Up: The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry,” is the published author of 15 additional books and has been featured in numerous publications and interviews providing financial literacy tips, business advice, and community engagement strategies.  She also hosts quarterly retreats for busy professionals to unplug from the day to day hustle and bustle of life and reset their goals while refocusing on their purpose.

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