Boys to Men Series: The Impact of a Dad (Part 2)

Everyone has a dad or father story that has become a cornerstone of their existence. That story may be a painful one or a powerful one but the impact of it stretches into multiple areas of our everyday lives. Join me as I interview 13 influential men about the impact that a father story has had on their education, business, families, and self-care.

(AJ Vassar’s dad story:

Being the first entrepreneur in your family can seem like a dream and a nightmare at times. Having another entrepreneur in the family gives you an edge. Although AJ’s father died when he was young, learning that his father was a risk-taker sparked something for him. AJ has owned his own barbershop and even moved to Columbia where he currently resides. Those highlights don’t overshadow something shared by his mentor Sam Shepherd when he was about to become homeless.

“You will learn more from living in your car than you will learn from running home to your mama!”

This sparked something within AJ that made him look at how he was measuring up in life. What was the real goal and did he really have what he needed to achieve it? That meant sidestepping validation in order to gain discipline through becoming uncomfortable. Like his ritual of taking a cold shower in the morning.

It is not what you do while everyone is watching…it what you do when you think you are the only one that knows what happened.
A.J. Vassar is a former Division One football player now living his dream in Colombia. The Author of “Day Grades” and creator of “Underground Wealth Road”. After his football days, A.J. found himself homeless and a mere five years later he donated five cars to five people less fortunate. A.J now works and speaks with UnleashU Now and runs the Speakers Courses that will teach you to craft a universal message that you can take to almost any stage. From rags to riches, A.J Vassar is the international speaker, educator, and coach you need in your life!

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(Jerry Franklin Poe’s dad story:

The difference between a smart man and a wise man is…
a smart man learns from his mistakes
a wise man learns from others mistakes

Jerry came from generations of business owners which taught him the value of time. They also laid a firm foundation for the family including being the parent that showed up for stuff. It was their examples that creating the motivation for him to be in position as a husband and father.

Time is a bank account that you can’t overdraw – Jerry Franklin Poe

Recently time has taken on a whole new meaning. Many were thrust into a new level of time management that they were ill-prepared for. Homeschooling, no more work commutes, doing the eight hours of work within a two-hour window all shifted how people are looking at their time. There now is little separation between my time and their time which has caused some tension in homes across the nation.

Men, you need that time for you and your wife and children do as well. Where women and children are taught self-care, men are not always taught how to take care of themselves. That includes a massage or taking time to unplug.

Jerry gave some tips on helping your children maneuver the new normal. Oh, and his final words for the men was to treat your body the same way you treat your car!

Jerry Franklin Poe is the author of the top-selling book series What I Wish I Knew When I Was in … School, founder of Poetential Unlimited LLC and a company designed to train and equip the mind, activate the vision, cultivate the passion, and hone the skills necessary to live life on your terms.

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(Haki Shakur Ammi’s dad story:

Intentionality was the spark that ignited entrepreneurship in Haki Shakur Ammi. He did not have entrepreneurs in his family to advise him on what the journey would look like. Fortunately, knowledge about the life of a street hustler deterred him from wanting to move in that direction. The examples he saw in the streets of Baltimore was all he needed to see. Instead, he decided to enlist in the Navy.

Education and self-development became Haki’s focus while in the military. He would read often and listen to network marketers as his first steps towards financial freedom. This is what sparked a stronger self-belief that he could be successful in entrepreneurship.

His process for becoming Unstoppable!

As people saw the steps that Haki was taking they realized that there was a level of wisdom that he had to share. People started asking when he would be publishing his own book. So when the opportunity arose for him to partner with Dr. George Fraser and Les Brown on the Unstoppable project he said yes. It was a moment where he would be mentored by men who were in the position where he saw himself. It was another investment in his journey to success.

When you decide that you are ready to succeed you must
~ Position yourself for power.
~ Tap into a habit of lifelong learning
~ Think bigger than what the world expects of you
~ Be an asset and create assets

Haki S. Ammi, The Success Scholar. Best Selling Author, Speaker, US Navy Veteran, 15 years as a City Fire Fighter/EMT, Elected member of the Baltimore City Central Committee serving as Treasurer and Secretary of Maryland Legislative Black Caucus Foundation.

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With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.




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