Emerge – Dominate the Room You Are In!

Emerge – Dominate the Room You Are In!

“If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent!” ~ Unknown

Here is a hard truth to handle for most entrepreneurs…

You are leaving money and opportunities on the table everyday! Ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer. Are you dominating the rooms you are in both in person and virtually?

How to Better Manage Stress as a Business Owner with Dr. Nina Ahuja The #SpeakEasy Podcast

How to Better Manage Stress as a Business OwnerHow do you manage your stress levels as an entrepreneur in your day-to-day activities? To better manage stress, you have to completely shift your mindset and internally redefine what success means to you rather than what the external world defines it. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Dr. Nina Ahuja, a successful surgeon in private practice, proven leader, and the author of the Stress in Medicine book. Dr. Nina describes how her stress experiences in the medical field inspired her to write her book to help others in stressful environments better handle stress. Listen in to learn how to handle stress as a business owner by acknowledging and connecting with your emotions.What you will learn in this episode:•[1:42] Get to know Dr. Nina’s career background and her book about stress.•[2:52] Dr. Nina’s experience dealing with stress in her medical field and why she put it in a book.•[4:58] Learning how to redefine success as an entrepreneur to better manage your stress levels. •[8:15] How we can shift the medical school experience to balance and reduce stress levels in students.•[10:42] The importance of being guided to become self-aware with your emotions. •[12:32] The value of taking personality tests plus emotional intelligence tests.•[14:42] How to acknowledge your emotions and stay connected with yourself when doing business. Relevant Links:Website: https://www.docsinleadership.org/
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Be honest!

This episode was a personal, and professional, chastising for me but I’ll let you in on the conversation. I received an email from PodBean about live-streaming and it peaking my interest. Since The #SpeakEasy Podcast started as a livestream on Facebook this would be perfect.

Then it happened…I went to the site and noticed that I had not claimed my podcast. Omg!! I signed up for the site years ago but I was not using everything it had to offer. (How many can relate on one level or another?) Once I claimed my show I saw an opportunity to market through PodBean.

Oh, if you connect with us on PodBean we’ll follow you back. Let’s grow together!

So how do we show up and dominate the room?

– Lead with service

Don’t be one of “those entrepreneurs” that show up with a product to sell but no conversation. When you lead with a mindset of service it takes the expectation off of the other person and puts it squarely on you. So now you become “the plug” for someone in the room and that word of mouth spreads. (Often times it will spread quicker than we could imagine)

– Have conversations within the community

Here is one that I had to work on for years. As an introvert, I often found myself wanting to stay to myself. What shifted for me was finding great ways to have a conversation. I give some tips on how I start conversations as an introvert in my book “Plug In: 25 Power Networking Tips for Introverts, Startups and the Success Obsessed. (Purchase a copy of the ebook here: bit.ly/pluginmyvoice) Something as simple as what you put on your nametag or on your zoom nametag can make a huge difference.

– Ask questions

Polls and questions are like vitamins for business. Most don’t understand the power they have until they start using them. You will see an influx of answers that will lead to more products and services that you can offer and potential customers who want it. Be careful though. Too much of many things can become hazardous. Develop a strategy for how you will dissect the information that you attain from the polls and questions so you do not become overwhelmed.

– Follow up and then follow up again

You know what they…the fortune is in the follow up. I’m not only referring to you following up when it comes to customers either. Follow Ups should occur with hosts of events, speakers, and the people you have networked with. This keeps you fresh in their minds and vice versa. You never know when you may be able to refer one of them for an opportunity

– Be consistent in your actions, service and engagement

“If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent!” ~ Unknown

When we create a strategy for how we show up online and offline it sets the standard. Social media has shrunk the seven degrees of separation to three within the span of a few years. That means that you can connect with almost anyone when you execute at the highest level.

(Check out this episode on The #SpeakEasy Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/41048628)

Deliver your best and allow word of mouth to do the rest.

With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.

Come join the conversation by going bit.ly/worldvoicecommunity

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    Good advice. Thank you


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