Helping Hands – The kids acting as sun shines in this unprecedented times with Abhijit Ganguly

Helping Hands – The kids acting as sun shines in this unprecedented times

Covid 19 outbreak has been like a big blow for entire world. The outbreak of the monster virus affected the entire world especially the underprivileged section  of the society. With lockdowns social distancing many families found it to be impossible to survive. In this times of distress, and with extended lockdown the situation was getting more difficult. Especially, for people who are daily wage earners.

Children are often seen as a gift from God, and are often the ones who bring joy to each other. With less complexities and pure heart they do what they feel like. Helping hands is one such accumulation of 5 children, who acted as a pure blessings during this tough times. Raya, Rayna, Orna, Prisha and Atrayee the five kids volunteered to help the people in need.  The children went on collecting funds to help the needy and also to teach the women from the marginalized section to reuse and recycle old used clothes and make masks, a step working as the need of the hour plus to teach the women to be self dependent. These five children went ahead to help the rural families with ration and essentials with the little amount they collected. It is often said that “children are our future” and these children are providing us the wonderful future one can expect in the near future.

Socialpreneur and CEO of UP WORDS Magazine, Abhijit Ganguly who runs his Empire from Kolkata, India. Despite living with Transverse Myelitis and having chronic pain as his constant companion, Abhijit created a powerful, positive and uplifting digital magazine- UP WORDS  where he interviews folks from around the world who have inspiring journeys and who had to overcome great odds.




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  1. francisashis says:

    Great indeed!Thanks to Abhijit sir for taking the pain to bring smile to many during this pandemic.God bless .👏👌👍😊🙏💐

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    1. He is doing an amazing job of motivating others and showing up. I sent him your comment.


      1. francisashis says:

        Thanks a lot .Take care.🌹😊🙏

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