Grant Yourself Grace

“Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.” Brene’ Brown

Cruising the Clubhouse hallways can be almost like a blast back to high school for some but there are some great discussions that happen in some rooms. One morning , in one of the regular rooms that I attend the host asked those in the room how they give themselves grace. Oh…this stirred up some things on the inside of me that compelled me to hop on stage and share.

Grace is defined as “refined movement” and over time I have learned how to extend grace to myself. It was always easier for me to extend grace to others but to beat myself up for failed attempts or missed opportunities. I first had to understand where this level of expectation was coming from and then understand what I needed to do to change it.

The Seed

When I started in business there was a push to learn everything and do everything. Business coaches were selling courses for people to buy and not necessarily selling a actual strategy for success. Yes…I said it!!! They were making money based on FOMO not on the desire to see you create something that was a business. Over a three year period I had created about 60 digital products and I was only selling a handful of each one. (Entrepreneurship on full display here!)

It’s a hard seed to swallow but most of us did at one time or another. Some of you may be thinking that you just recently swallowed that seed. Unfortunately, the harvest from that seed is wasted time, energy, and money. The harvest from that seed was more FOMO! The harvest from that seed put you in a space where when you looked up you didn’t see any return on the investment that you made.

Finally I had a moment where I realized that a sprinter does not train and execute their energy the same way as someone who is jumping hurdles. They refine their movements to align with what they are doing on the track and off the track.

The Pivot

No, I did not make the shifts when I first noticed what was happening in my business in life. I was honestly in a space of denial. I mean the business coaches that I was connected to really cared about their clients right? The answer to that question hurt my heart and made it even harder to pivot. When I did an interview with Daniel Gomez, host of Daniel Gomez Inspires, he prayed for me and what he said next was my green light.

“Someone keeps saying 10X but God is saying that he can 60X your business.” While Daniel said much more than this one sentence, it was this sentence that was seared into my memory.

That moment sparked a ripple effect that changed my mindset and my mission. Instead of trying to do everything myself I created a network of entrepreneurs who I could refer people to. Instead of trying to be in many different lanes I refocused and stood boldly in one lane. When I found myself swaying back to being busy instead of being productive I checked in with my accountability partners. Ultimately I gave myself grace and refined my movement to be the movements associated with someone doing a marathon instead of a sprint.

I took back my power!!

When you think about your week, your month…have you given yourself grace? It is something that we have to be deliberate about doing for ourselves.

Take that moment to take a deep breath.

Don’t be afraid to niche down

Create a space and time for your mental wellness.

Freely give YOURSELF GRACE!!

Meet Altovise:

With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.



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