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Forgive Yourself

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Forgiveness is often a hot button topic where the focus is on the importance of and learning how to forgive others. And I agree that forgiveness is important, it helps us grow and gain freedom on this journey called life. It also helps us to release past hurts and disappointments so we are able to embrace and enjoy the present.

However, forgiveness is not complete without learning to forgive yourself. Many who teach on forgiveness forget to teach about the importance of forgiving yourself. Not forgiving yourself holds you back just as much if not more than not forgiving others. Failing to forgive yourself keeps you stuck under the burdens of shame, disappointment, frustration, and keep you from achieving your goals.

At one time, I would beat myself up over mistakes and decisions that I made throughout my life. I even blamed myself for things that weren’t my fault. That was until I learned how to forgive myself. Forgiving myself was one of the best decisions I made for my personal development and overall peace of mind. When I made the decision to forgive myself I felt like a heavy burden was lifted from my chest and I could breathe again.

Today I invite you to take sometime to look in the mirror and forgive yourself. To help you get started here is a letter of forgiveness I wrote to myself. SImply insert your name and start forgiving yourself.

Letter of Forgiveness

Dear (insert your name),

I forgive you

I forgive you for the mistakes and bad decisions

I forgive you for leaving when you should have stayed and staying when you should have left

I forgive you for not standing up for yourself and for judging yourself

I forgive you for being vulnerable with the wrong people and shutting out those you should have let in

I forgive you for allowing others to speak negativity over you and project their fears on you

I forgive you for building walls that locked you in

I forgive you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time

I forgive you for not going after your dreams

I forgive you for giving up on love

I forgive you for walking in shame, disappointment, and embarrassment

I forgive you for not trusting God to always bring you through and provide for you

You are forgiven for all and loved. Go forth in freedom.

I love you.

Next Steps

Now that you have started the journey of forgiveness, remember like all growth it is a process. Reread this letter of forgiveness to yourself as much as you need to and don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. Take your time, continue growing, and give yourself grace.




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