The Lie: People Buy Solutions to Problems with Emmanuel Aginam

One of the lies to NEVER believe especially if you are in a saturated market is that,

“People buy solutions to problems.”

It is a big one

It is like running a race with a ball and a chain on one leg.

Let’s be frank,

How many coaches and course creators have you seen that truly had the solution to your current problem that you scrolled away from???

1 or 2 or 25 or ….

You give yourself reasons that,

“You don’t know them.”
“Their branding looks poor that you ain’t sure if it works.”
“They don’t seem versatile enough like Mrs F or Six abs good looking G.”

Or “there is NOT enough details to know whether it works or not.”
Or “their system could be a copy-paste method.”

Yet, they claim just like we were taught that PEOPLE would buy solutions to problem.

Do you want to know when people would reallyyyy buy???

When they recognize that, you are that authority that can lead them to their desired result in their minds.

That is the reason you pick and pay for Mr. B program on “healing debilitating anxiety at work” whilst ignoring over 34 courses in that area.

Or her course on “getting clients on LinkedIn”… meanwhile bypassing the 10 LinkedIn experts who claim to have a solid client attraction system there…

This is the battle that HAPPENS in a saturated market.

And the one you are IN, is saturated too- if not, you’d have experienced influx of clients asking where to sign up for your course.

Stick out by establishing yourself as an AUTHORITY in their minds.

And they would choose you again and again…and refer their friends as well.

I have studied that lie and discovered that inasmuch as it is a well meaning one, without putting it into proper perspective, one can be worried that perhaps they don’t have one “magic only key” formula that opens the door…and then begins the endless chase.

One more example,

Let’s assume you want to master webinar right now to sell out your slots in your program…

Can you just purchase the program of anybody that sells “webinar foolproof system that works.”
Or one that you’ve confirmed that they are indeed THE authority to lead you to be able to get enrolment using it???

Your answer is as good as mine.

It is NOT that people buy solutions to problems,

Nah. They buy solutions to problems from those they consider THE authority to lead them to the desired result.

Build that authority, and dominate that saturated market.
Trust this was helpful???

I help coaches and course creators who feel NEGLECTED in a saturated market the authority their ideal clients only wants to listen to. Also, I help service providers and coaches spend 15 minutes a day converting more clients via email.




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