Conversations that Change Your Worldview

Podcasting has become so much more than banter or opinionated viewpoints. It has evolved into a collection of platforms for artistic expressions, education and empowerment. Recently there was a black cloud thrown over the podcasting community because of the actions of someone that represents a small percentage.

While the world decided to shine a light on the behavior of one, I decided to shine the light on the powerful conversations that are being held and started through podcasts. In this post I share some new podcasts that you may have never heard about, but they are sure to entertain, educate and empower you throughout the year. The lesson in all of this is that we need a brighter light shined on the people from around the world who are changing your worldview.

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Changing your worldview never happens overnight. Imagine a seed is planted each time that you listen to a podcast and as you water and care for it you will see it grow. Here is the reality of racism…ultimately it is the act of people watering old seeds that an experience or a conversation planting in your heart and mind. Some continue to water it oblivious of the harvest that they and their children will reap over time. Others take the hard process of digging up the roots in order to plant something better.

I hope this post will inspire you to be the latter of the two. Listen in, share it out, and let’s empower and educate the world.

Voluntary Input Podcast: 

Never forced. Never coerced. Open discussions about the things in life that matter to you most. Questions, comments, show ideas? Or would you like to be a guest on the show?

Voluntary Input

The Global Chatter Podcast: 

The Black Expat podcast, the Global Chatter, is an ongoing conversation that focuses on international mobility, identity, race, career, and more. Come for the commentary. Stay for the laughs.

Hosted by Amanda Bates. Edited by Stephanie Fuccio.

The Global Chatter Guest Form – The Black Expat | Black Identity + International Living

Everrealm Adventures:

We’re a group of 4 POCs (Black and Black Hispanic if you need specifics) who play dnd and decided to turn our game into a podcast.

Sorry, You Had to Be There:

Join siblings London and Jay as they take a nostalgic look back at the greatest time to be alive—the ’90s and early-2000s—covering everything from politics to pop culture, leaving no stone unturned. So, dust off those parachute pants, grab a Sunny D (none of that purple stuff) and tune in. It’s gonna be a wild and crazy ride…

Undoctrinated Truth:

✨UNdoctrinated TRUTH exists with the purpose to inspire the mind and awaken the souls of the knowingly and unknowingly indoctrinated. The creation of the Podcast Book intends to reveal the truth within oneself, so each can find purpose in fulfilling the destinies of life. Let your soul experience the Podcast Book while we discover the UNdoctrinated TRUTH together!✨


if you’re into crystals and incense // if you like to journal and meditate in nature // if you eat and smoke plants; you’d probably love it here. mindFLOWERS. is an archive of spiritual thought, transformative practices and guided experiences designed for those seeking personal expansion. to know yourself is to life yourself.
hosted by Ashlynd; an unbothered divine fem on a mission to assist the shift.

BroTalk Live:

Not just “for the bros”….but millenial perspectives on today’s cultural issues and trends from the most hilarious and informed guys in media!

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