Moments of motivation with Emmanuel Aginam

You see that nagging feeling you have about the fact that they don’t respect you,

Or your boundaries,

Or your choices,

Or your own desires (the one you reaaaaaally want but they keep ignoring),

Or your voice- the fact that it matters but it doesn’t seem so.

That feeling is actually a pointer…

That it doesn’t lie with them…as much as we would both want it to.

I meant for all the years spent…waiting… expecting…hopiiiiiiiiiing.

It really doesn’t lie with them.

(That was actually the turning point for me).

That it lies with ME…With YOU.

Once you begin to look at yourself- including your flaws, imperfections and GIFTS,

Including the ones that they won’t cherish or ever recognise even when you try to PROVE yourself again…and again.

Plus the choices you would have loved to make but then you had to pusssssssssssssssh it to the backseat for theirs, yet no appreciation.

Once you begin to look at all these things, and respect YOURSELF,

That’s when they would begin to respect you.

Infact, the light and life that emits from you begins to enchants them to want to learn more because you look “different.”

And this time, you feel lighter because you no longer have to carry that load.

If no one have said this to you recently, hear this…

Your voice matters.

Happy Sunday! ❤️

Emmanuel Aginam

I help coaches and course creators who feel NEGLECTED in a saturated market the authority their ideal clients only want to listen to. Also, I help service providers and coaches spend 15 minutes a day converting more clients via email.




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