Positioning Your Business for Success with Emmanuel Aginam

So, I received this question,

“What would be your number one tip on positioning???”

The strategy I shared with him would be so instrumental in helping you dominate your space too. Ready???

Actually it is in 2 ways…

1. Understand your target audience…Get to know what the STATUS QUO or current system, tool or service provider is NOT providing that they really want.

And it is frustrating to them.

Get to understand their unspoken desires and state they would love to be in…Get to feel what’s like to be THEM.

(The losing power of the status quo).Understanding such makes dominance easy for you.

2. Leverage your strength when addressing it.

Not what others assert should be the formula… but your own formula.

Your strength!!! That way, they know that if they want to get THAT result, they would have to come to you….since no one has your formula apart from you.

Trust that this helps!!!

I help coaches and course creators who feel NEGLECTED in a saturated market the authority their ideal clients only wants to listen to. Also, I help service providers and coaches spend 15 minutes a day converting more clients via email.




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